Preparing for a crazy summer

We’ll play a bunch of shows and festivals in July and August so make sure you check our “show” section above! In other news we’ll release a new single in late summer and tour a lot in September and October. Sounds good? Sounds good!

Summer Tour Poster 2013

Goodbye Fairground – Summer Tour 2013

20.07. Langeln, Langeln Open Air
23.07. Freiburg, Walfisch*
24.07. München, Feierwerk*
25.07. Nürnberg, Zentralcafe*
26.07. Herrenberg, 48er Festival
27.07. Mössingen, Umsonst & Draußen
03.08. Tiste, Oakfield Festival
30.08. Holzerather See, Roeds-Rock
31.08. Rastatt, Art Canrobert
* with The Adolescents

Presented by:
Concrete Jungle Records / Weird World Booking / / OxFanzine / In-Your-Face / Punkrock! Fanzine / Putpat


We’ll play a bunch of shows in May:

10.05. GER-Osnabrueck, Bastard Club with Sorab Jon Asar, Tigeryouth, Willy Fog
16.05. GER-Berlin, Ramones Museum (acoustic)
17.05. GER-Berlin, Schokoladen with Fightball
19.05. GER-Bochum, Queerbeat Festival @Zeche with Box In The Attic, Crime, Sookee, Tommy Finke, Tubbe
24.05. GER-Greven, Kesselhaus with Dead Koys, Halfway Decent
31.05. GER-Recklinghausen, AKZ with Forever Young Victoria, Nitro Injekzia, No Weather Talks

Come and sing along!

(Tour is) Over and (album is) Out!

After years of waiting (literally) our album “I Started With The Best Intentions” is finally out. Since no words I know could describe how great that feels we would just like to take this opportunity to thank some people who made this possible instead. To start at the very beginning tons of very wet kisses go out to our dear friend Jochen Stummbillig and his Kaputtmacher studio. It was his work and passion that made the album sound like it does now. If you ever need someone to take care of your songs and record them in the best possible way we highly recommend him. Furthermore we’d like to thank Esta and the Fairground Choir for singing and screaming. Your voices might be ruined now but at least it was for a good cause. A big thank you goes out to Matze and Tobbe at Concrete Jungle. We couldn’t ask for a better record label and still can’t believe that someone is crazy enough to spend his time and money on our music. Last but not least we’d like to thank everyone who has listened to the record yet or even bought it. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Please get in touch with us, we love to talk about our own music A LOT!

In case you don’t have the record yet, we recommend you try the Concrete Jungle webstore, Green Hell, Flight 13, Interpunk, any small record store or our merchtable.

The bad news is that our small tour is over now. We had the greatest time possible and can’t thank you enough for making it such a special experience but we’ll try anyway. First and foremost we’d like to thank our friends in Western Grace. The world needs more bands and/or people like you. Thanks for being such great company! In case you haven’t heard of Western Grace go and check out their demo here. Think of a mixture between 90ies Emo (the time when Emo was still about writing cool songs) and modern melodic Punkrock and you get a first idea. Thanks to all promoters, people who let us sleep on their floors and couches, gave us food and possibilities to take showers and to all bands we shared the stage with! Last but not least a big thanks to everyone who watched us play, sang along and danced with us. We’ll be back soon!

Albumrelease and Springtour with Western Grace!

Concrete Jungle will release our second album “I Started With The Best Intentions” on March 29th! You can preorder the record here.

We’ll also go on a short tour with our amazing friends in Western Grace! Check out the dates below, the eventpage here and let’s meet! We’re so looking forward to this!

22.03. GER-Lennestadt, Warm Up Show
23.03. GER-Regensburg, Lederer (+ Fights And Fires, Still Bleak)
24.03. CH-St Gallen, Ruempelturm (+ Fights And Fires, Head As A Weapon, Ueber You)
25.03. AT-Wiener Neustadt, Triebwerk (+ Small Hours)
26.03. AT-Graz, Sub (+ All Aboard, Gone Astray)
27.03. Help Needed!
28.03. GER-Hamburg, Molotow
29.03. NL-Groningen, Simplon (+ Hoist the Colours, Volchok)
30.03. GER-Muenster, Baracke (+ Fights And Fires) RECORD-RELEASE SHOW!!!

Viva Con Agua Benefitshow

Thanks to all the fine folks that came to watch us in Muenster on Saturday! It meant the world to us to play with Stand Fast once again and since Camp Late and Dan Fairhurst turned out to be absolutely incredible I’d like to call this show one of my personal favourites. So what’s next you may ask. The answer is: this show! It’s true, we’re coming home to Essen and it will be amazing! We’ll play this benefit show for the great people at Viva Con Agua. Watch this page to find out what they do and then come by on Saturday!

Goodbye Stand Fast!

Our friends in Stand Fast will play their final show this coming Saturday and were kind enough to invite us to share the stage with them for the last time. Telling you how much we all love this band would definetely reduce everyone reading this to tears so instead let me just say we can’t wait for this show and would love to see you there! Find more info here. Let’s meet there and tell those guys how much they suck for burying this beast of a band. That’ll show them!

Short Spring Tour With Western Grace

Hey folks of the internet!

We’ll play a short tour with our friends in Western Grace! You can check out all tourdates here and/or help us with the remaining dates. The last show of this tour will take place in Muenster and will also serve as our official record release show. We’ve got some big plans for that day (and all former days as well of course) and we’d love to see all of you there!

This is the awesome tourposter (created by Josua Rieber aka Homesick Design)
Goodbye Fairground on Tour with Western Grace - Tourposter

First song (and lyrics) posted!

Go and listen to our new single “Western Gold” here. Preorder the 7” here. To make sure you guys are able to sing along next time, these are the lyrics:

Saturday morning
so what’s left of lust and romance?
A stale taste of beer, coffee and useless conversations
glasses filled with ashes and cigarette butts
I never thought we would get far and it seems I was right

digging through numbers trying to picture the faces
thinking of quotes that I read on bathroom doors
most of them suck now that I’m sober
but sadly some of them seem to fit perfectly

and I realize that it’s been long since
I had a drink only for the taste of it
again I woke up the same guy in the same shirt and jeans
so if these are my best years
why didn’t you tell me before?
Maybe I would have enjoyed them more

Saturday night
we’re trying to find a place to stay
make new friends and lose them all
in about an hour
don’t allow yourself to stop or otherwise you’ll start thinking
and nobody here likes a sad face

surprise, surprise
guess who is on the phone
you don’t pick it up maybe you already know
I’ve become the legendary friend of a friend
yes, we’ve met before and last time you liked me

a bunch of saints on birth control
waiting for absolution
late night calls and Western Gold
nobody here knows who you are
so feel free to be yourself
no matter how miserable that is
because I’m glad that I have you
even though you don’t know me by name.