See you at the Uncle M Fest!

We’re really excited to tell you we’ll be playing new songs with new people at the Uncle M Fest in Muenster and Berlin together with Foxing, Muncie Girls, TTNG, The Bennies, Goodbye Fairground and Twin Red!

The dates are:
BERLIN, 22.04.2016
MÜNSTER, 23.04.2016

Get your tickets straight from the Uncle M shop before it’s too late: Ticket Shop

Final Spring-Tour Dates

These are our final tour dates for the next couple of weeks. Hope to meet old and new faces, make sure to come by, say hello and share a few drinks with us!


14.02.14 GER-Zweibruecken, Hobbitkeller
15.02.14 LUX-Luxembourg, Den Atelier
16.02.14 GER-Aachen, AZ
17.02.14 GER-Duesseldorf, Tube
18.02.14 GER-Frankfurt, Ponyhof
19.02.14 GER-Regensburg, Alte Maelzerei
20.02.14 GER-Zwiesel, Jugendcafe
21.02.14 GER-Ulm, BTP Hauptquartier

23.02.14 GER-Cologne, Luxor
24.02.14 GER-Frankfurt, Batschkapp
25.02.14 CH-Zurich, Exil
26.02.14 AT-Vienna, Szene
27.02.14 GER-Munich, Atomic Cafe
28.02.14 GER-Hamburg, Knust

Recording four new songs at Tresorfabrik

As you may or may not know, in the last few weeks and months we have not only been looking forward to getting our hands on the final mix of our album, but we have also been perfecting 4 songs for an ep that we will be recording and releasing in the next month or two. And its getting serious – this weekend we will be going into Tresorfabrik studios to start recording the first songs.

We only have four days this time around, with the recording part due to be finished by August 7th — that is, next weekend. The artwork is also starting to take shape, and will be revealed when the time is right, but we also want to give you some thorough insight into the making of this EP, and so to that purpose we will be bombarding you with blog entrys on our favourite 10 minute solos and Blair Witch-style videos of the distractingly comfortable couches they have in the studio.

Whether you like it or not.

Two free acoustic songs!

Dear friends, after talking about it for approximately two years the whole “album thing” is getting a lot more serious now. While our engineer Jochen Stummbillig is busy mixing the songs at the moment we are pleased to present you a little teaser, namely a single with acoustic versions of two tracks off “I Started With The Best Intentions”. The single is available for free download in exchange for a “like” on Facebook. You can find it HERE. Please tell your friends about it and let us know what you think of the songs!”


Good times

Thanks everyone who came to see us playing at the Wageni in Bochum last Thursday. It was a great show and it was a pleasure to listen to Smear Campaign. Lovely people all over the place. We’ll post a video and some photographs from that evening soon so stay tuned. In other news: we’re currently working on some beautiful surprises which all will be revealed in the upcoming weeks. We went to a rooftop and risked our lives, only for you, of course.

Update: we uploaded some pictures of the show to our Facebook Page.

Live at Wageni, Bochum

A small favour?

This will primarily concern german folks, but not to let any chance slip past us here: we’re looking for shows or support-slots for our tour in September! If you’d like us to play live near you and can help us arrange a show we’ll be your best friends forever (until we leave town next morning)! Nah seriously, you will always have a special place in our hearts <3! Just give us a shout on Facebook or comment here! 16.9. between Essen & Gera 18.9. Southern Germany 22.9. Southern Germany or Berlin (+ surroundings) 24./25./26./28.9. northern Germany) — Für unsere Tour im September suchen wir aktuell noch nach Gigs oder Support-Slots. Wollt ihr uns bei euch in der Gegend sehen? Helft uns und wir bleiben für immer beste Freunde (wenn auch nur für eine Nacht). Im ernst: ihr seid dann was ganz besonderes für uns. <3 Wenn ihr uns irgendwie helfen könnt oder wen kennt, meldet euch einfach über Facebook bei uns oder hinterlasst einen Kommentar! 16.9. zwischen Essen und Gera 18.9. Süddeutschland 22.9. Süddeutschland oder Berlin (+ Umgebung) 24./25./26./28.9. Norddeutschland