What’s up, folks/pals/bros/fellas?

Guess what we’ll do after endless months of touring… Absolutely right! More touring! Check out the dates here:

30.08.13 GER-Holzerath, Roeds Rock (+ Idle Class, PJ Bond, Randy, Smile And Burn,…)
31.08.13 GER-Rastatt, Art Canrobert (+ Idle Class, Nora Yeux, Tom Mess)
04.09.13 GER-Hamburg, Molotow (+ Off With Their Heads)
05.09.13 GER-Duesseldorf, Tube (+ Off With Their Heads)
18.09.13 GER-Essen, Weststadthalle (+ The Liberation Service, Woahnows)
19.09.13 GER-Cologne, Privat (+ The Liberation Service, Woahnows)
21.09.13 GER-Duisburg, Djaezz (+ Western Grace)
23.09.13 GER-Bonn, BLA (+ Western Grace)
24.09.13 GER-Muenster, Baracke (+ The Liberation Service, Western Grace, Woahnows)
26.09.13 GER-Luebeck (+ Pitchkick, Western Grace)
27.09.13 GER-Rendsburg, T-Stube (+ Idle Class, Unfinished Business, Western Grace)
16.10.13 GER-Heidelberg, Cafe Nachttanz (+ Fighting Fiction)
17.10.13 AT-Vienna, Das Bach (+ BHF, Clipwing, Icons Down)
18.10.13 AT-Graz, Unity Festival (+ Ants!, The Forum Walters, The Liberation Service,…)
19.10.13 AT-Voecklabruck, Unity Festival (+ Astpai, The Forum Walters, Radio Dead Ones,…)
20.10.13 IT-Rho, Rock ‘N’ Roll (+ 2 Class, S.O.C.S)
21.10.13 GER-Freiburg, KTS (+ Direct Hit!, Shitake)
25.10.13 GER-Geesthacht, Duene Geesthacht

Apart from that we’ll release a new single with the songs “Blame It On The Latency” (from our current album “I Started With The Best Intentions”) and the exclusive and previously unreleased “Black Clown”. Check out the artwork below and buy the single via our friends at Concrete Jungle.