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Julia leaves GF

Unfortunately we have to inform you that Julia has decided to leave Goodbye Fairground. That said the five of us would like to point out that this decision will only affect the band but not our friendship. We will play our remaining shows until July with the current lineup and afterwards Julia will focus on new tasks and musical projects.
Goodbye Fairground will NOT break up though. Our friend Stefan of Idle Class has joined the band and will soon record some songs with us. We’ll play our first shows with him in August or September.
Thanks for your support and attention! See all of you soon!
Alex, Benjamin, Benny, Jan and Julia

Tour Is Over, Grief Begins

Thanks to everyone who came to one of our shows during the last two weeks! We had a great time and can’t wait to do this again. Special thanks to Tobi for driving, Simon for playing bass, Versus You (and crew), Baby Lou, Starry, Lester, Viktor & The Blood (and crew) for being awesome bands and company, Flix and Neuland for making this tour possible, everyone who set up a show, gave us a a place to sleep or cooked us something delicious for setting up the show, giving us a aplace to sleep or cooking us something delicious…there you go…

Let’s meet again soon!

Final Spring-Tour Dates

These are our final tour dates for the next couple of weeks. Hope to meet old and new faces, make sure to come by, say hello and share a few drinks with us!


14.02.14 GER-Zweibruecken, Hobbitkeller
15.02.14 LUX-Luxembourg, Den Atelier
16.02.14 GER-Aachen, AZ
17.02.14 GER-Duesseldorf, Tube
18.02.14 GER-Frankfurt, Ponyhof
19.02.14 GER-Regensburg, Alte Maelzerei
20.02.14 GER-Zwiesel, Jugendcafe
21.02.14 GER-Ulm, BTP Hauptquartier

23.02.14 GER-Cologne, Luxor
24.02.14 GER-Frankfurt, Batschkapp
25.02.14 CH-Zurich, Exil
26.02.14 AT-Vienna, Szene
27.02.14 GER-Munich, Atomic Cafe
28.02.14 GER-Hamburg, Knust

Upcoming shows, new songs, old friends

Welcome to 2014, friends, foes and relatives!

We’ve been busy writing new songs and are willing to play some of them for you here:

25.01. Cologne – Artheater*
14.02. Zweibruecken – Hobbit**
15.02. Luxembourg – Den Atelier**
16.02. Aachen – AZ**
17.02. Duesseldorf – The Tube**
18.02. Frankfurt – Ponyhof**
19.02. Regensburg – Alte Maelzerei**
20.02. Munich – Feierwerk**
21.02. Ulm – Studenten Cafe**

* Get Addicted Party

** with Versus You

More shows and things coming soon!

This year is almost over (file under: breaking news)

We’ve got four shows left before we allow 2013 to end:

18.11.13 GER-Muenster, Sputnikcafe (+Astpai, The Flatliners)

05.12.13 GER-Berlin, Cassiopeia (+ Idle Class, We Will Fly)

14.12.13 GER-Muenster, Sputnikcafe (+ Grim Goat, Idle Class, The Liberation Service, Notions, Snareset, The Way They Run)

28.12.13  GER-Rees, Punk Meets People

Let’s meet!

Blame It On The Latency


What’s up, folks/pals/bros/fellas?

Guess what we’ll do after endless months of touring… Absolutely right! More touring! Check out the dates here:

30.08.13 GER-Holzerath, Roeds Rock (+ Idle Class, PJ Bond, Randy, Smile And Burn,…)
31.08.13 GER-Rastatt, Art Canrobert (+ Idle Class, Nora Yeux, Tom Mess)
04.09.13 GER-Hamburg, Molotow (+ Off With Their Heads)
05.09.13 GER-Duesseldorf, Tube (+ Off With Their Heads)
18.09.13 GER-Essen, Weststadthalle (+ The Liberation Service, Woahnows)
19.09.13 GER-Cologne, Privat (+ The Liberation Service, Woahnows)
21.09.13 GER-Duisburg, Djaezz (+ Western Grace)
23.09.13 GER-Bonn, BLA (+ Western Grace)
24.09.13 GER-Muenster, Baracke (+ The Liberation Service, Western Grace, Woahnows)
26.09.13 GER-Luebeck (+ Pitchkick, Western Grace)
27.09.13 GER-Rendsburg, T-Stube (+ Idle Class, Unfinished Business, Western Grace)
16.10.13 GER-Heidelberg, Cafe Nachttanz (+ Fighting Fiction)
17.10.13 AT-Vienna, Das Bach (+ BHF, Clipwing, Icons Down)
18.10.13 AT-Graz, Unity Festival (+ Ants!, The Forum Walters, The Liberation Service,…)
19.10.13 AT-Voecklabruck, Unity Festival (+ Astpai, The Forum Walters, Radio Dead Ones,…)
20.10.13 IT-Rho, Rock ‘N’ Roll (+ 2 Class, S.O.C.S)
21.10.13 GER-Freiburg, KTS (+ Direct Hit!, Shitake)
25.10.13 GER-Geesthacht, Duene Geesthacht

Apart from that we’ll release a new single with the songs “Blame It On The Latency” (from our current album “I Started With The Best Intentions”) and the exclusive and previously unreleased “Black Clown”. Check out the artwork below and buy the single via our friends at Concrete Jungle.

Preparing for a crazy summer

We’ll play a bunch of shows and festivals in July and August so make sure you check our “show” section above! In other news we’ll release a new single in late summer and tour a lot in September and October. Sounds good? Sounds good!

Summer Tour Poster 2013

Goodbye Fairground – Summer Tour 2013

20.07. Langeln, Langeln Open Air
23.07. Freiburg, Walfisch*
24.07. München, Feierwerk*
25.07. Nürnberg, Zentralcafe*
26.07. Herrenberg, 48er Festival
27.07. Mössingen, Umsonst & Draußen
03.08. Tiste, Oakfield Festival
30.08. Holzerather See, Roeds-Rock
31.08. Rastatt, Art Canrobert
* with The Adolescents

Presented by:
Concrete Jungle Records / Weird World Booking / Livegigs.de / OxFanzine / In-Your-Face / Punkrock! Fanzine / Putpat


We’ll play a bunch of shows in May:

10.05. GER-Osnabrueck, Bastard Club with Sorab Jon Asar, Tigeryouth, Willy Fog
16.05. GER-Berlin, Ramones Museum (acoustic)
17.05. GER-Berlin, Schokoladen with Fightball
19.05. GER-Bochum, Queerbeat Festival @Zeche with Box In The Attic, Crime, Sookee, Tommy Finke, Tubbe
24.05. GER-Greven, Kesselhaus with Dead Koys, Halfway Decent
31.05. GER-Recklinghausen, AKZ with Forever Young Victoria, Nitro Injekzia, No Weather Talks

Come and sing along!

Queensday Festival!

We’re more than happy to announce that we’ll play the Queensday Festival in Venlo on April 30th. Buy a ticket for only 10€ and enjoy some incredible bands such as Smoke Or Fire, The Flatliners, Astpai and Tim Vantol. I know I would do it!

(Tour is) Over and (album is) Out!

After years of waiting (literally) our album “I Started With The Best Intentions” is finally out. Since no words I know could describe how great that feels we would just like to take this opportunity to thank some people who made this possible instead. To start at the very beginning tons of very wet kisses go out to our dear friend Jochen Stummbillig and his Kaputtmacher studio. It was his work and passion that made the album sound like it does now. If you ever need someone to take care of your songs and record them in the best possible way we highly recommend him. Furthermore we’d like to thank Esta and the Fairground Choir for singing and screaming. Your voices might be ruined now but at least it was for a good cause. A big thank you goes out to Matze and Tobbe at Concrete Jungle. We couldn’t ask for a better record label and still can’t believe that someone is crazy enough to spend his time and money on our music. Last but not least we’d like to thank everyone who has listened to the record yet or even bought it. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Please get in touch with us, we love to talk about our own music A LOT!

In case you don’t have the record yet, we recommend you try the Concrete Jungle webstore, Green Hell, Flight 13, Interpunk, any small record store or our merchtable.

The bad news is that our small tour is over now. We had the greatest time possible and can’t thank you enough for making it such a special experience but we’ll try anyway. First and foremost we’d like to thank our friends in Western Grace. The world needs more bands and/or people like you. Thanks for being such great company! In case you haven’t heard of Western Grace go and check out their demo here. Think of a mixture between 90ies Emo (the time when Emo was still about writing cool songs) and modern melodic Punkrock and you get a first idea. Thanks to all promoters, people who let us sleep on their floors and couches, gave us food and possibilities to take showers and to all bands we shared the stage with! Last but not least a big thanks to everyone who watched us play, sang along and danced with us. We’ll be back soon!

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